Internationalisation of the curriculum

Our aim is to put ourselves on the map in the Netherlands as a pioneering regional training centre (ROC) in terms of internationalisation. After all, Europe is growing in prominence, and the Netherlands is increasingly doing business abroad. For this reason, we believe that the ability to succeed abroad is also important for our students and employees.

For this reason, we have launched a special programme that challenges our students to – quite literally – broaden their horizons. By completing a work placement abroad and participating in study trips and exchanges, students develop their professional knowledge with the additional gain of an international perspective. We encourage the use of foreign languages and offer various opportunities for a better understanding of other cultures.

Deltion has two objectives:

1          To offer all students the opportunity to participate in one or more components of the international curriculum. One out of every ten students will be involved in an international activity, such as a work placement, working week or project, training module or course abroad.

2          To increase the international mobility of our teachers. To this end, 10% of our teachers will spend a full working week abroad, during which they will work at a company, teaching institution or other organisation.