Education our way

Deltion College encourages students to ‘learn by doing’ in an actual professional context. Our students learn everything they need to know to be proficient in their chosen profession. By practicing professional skills, students develop the competences – a combination of knowledge, skills and attitude – required by their chosen profession or a specific institution. At Deltion College, this is supported by theoretical training, work placements, working groups and practical instruction provided in fully equipped, modern facilities, designed to reflect actual working environments.

Deltion Campus

Located in the city of Zwolle, the Deltion Campus offers our students an impressive setting for training and education. The Deltion Campus has two wings joined by a restaurant located above the entrance hall. The wings are home to the programme groups, each of which is housed in its own building with a distinct colour, layout and ambience. This clearly delineated structure makes the intensive and personal supervision of the development of our students possible.

The teaching units are linked by means of a wide, multi-storey boulevard along which work placement companies are established, creating a bustling learning environment which reflects the real world. Our aim is to promote interaction with other to , inspire and learn. As the building’s structure incorporates a great deal of glass, students and staff are continually given the opportunity to do just that. Learning by doing – the best way to master your profession – is the point of departure at Deltion College. This is facilitated by learning facilities which are geared to real-life situations, mock companies and work placement companies. As the campus offers professional on-site facilities for learning, working, dining, relaxing, meeting and taking part in sports, students and staff are given ample opportunity for multifaceted personal development.

Everyone is welcome

Deltion College opens its doors to students from all backgrounds. We offer a pleasant, personable and safe learning environment, where everyone can feel at home and enjoy working and learning.

Personal development

Both students and staff are encouraged to pursue personal development and achieve the targets they set for themselves. In this approach, self-determination and personal accountability take centre stage. Our students focus on achieving success in society, their chosen profession and their personal life. Our staff participates in result-oriented teams, which foster the development of competences geared to both professional achievement/performance and personal development.