Cooperating with Deltion

Deltion is one of the leading VET centres in the Netherlands in terms of internationalisation. We live in a globalising world where both our social life and economy are becoming increasingly internationally interconnected.
To strengthen the intercultural competences of our students and staff we encourage the use of foreign languages and offer various opportunities to get a better understanding of cultural differences and similarities.

The international perspective that students and employees get from work placements abroad as well as study trips and exchanges helps them develop their professional knowledge.

Virtual mobility / Internationalisation@home

Our mission is to provide every student and employee with international skills without the need to travel; Internationalisation@home.

Physical mobility is of course an unforgettable, intense, and irreplaceable experience. But virtual mobility is an easily accessible and very usefull alternative to that. Large groups of people can be reached. It is also the perfect preparation for possible physical mobility.
Deltion has a growing number of digital online cooperation projects with partner schools abroad (before the COVID-19 pandemic already). The eTwinnning platform in particular is being used.
By organising activities where the different cultures within Deltion can come into contact with each other, we promote mutual understanding between different cultures and self-reflection. The concept of 'world citizenship' - also in relation to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals - is of paramount importance to us.