Senior secondary vocational education


There are four levels of senior secondary vocational education (MBO). The table below shows the VMBO admission requirements for the various MBO levels and the average duration of MBO programmes.

Students with a confirmation of progression from level 3 to level 4 at senior general secondary education (HAVO) level are also eligible for MBO. Prior education or work experience is used to determine the entry level for MBO.

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MBO consists of two learning tracks: vocational study learning track (beroepsopleidende leerweg (BOL)) and vocational supervision learning track (beroepsbegeleidende leerweg (BBL)).

BOL: Students spend most of the week in class. As the course progresses, work placements account for more and more of the students’ time. Generally speaking, work placements make up 20% to 60% of BOL courses. In some cases, it is also possible to complete a BOL course as a part-time student (deeltijd BOL).

BBL: This learning track combines study and work placements. Students spend approximately four days a week on a paid work placement at an approved work placement company. In addition, students spend one day a week (or an afternoon/evening) in class. For BBL students, work placements make up 60% of the course.