Bilingual programmes

Deltion is one of the only regional training centres (ROCs) in the Netherlands to offer six bilingual programmes with an international focus, covering a diverse range of disciplines and resulting in an internationally recognised diploma.

•           International Art & Design Studies

•           International Aviation Services

•           International Business Studies

•           International Hospitality Studies

•           International ICT Studies

•           International Tourism Studies

With two official languages of instruction (Dutch and English), these bilingual programmes are unique, incorporating an effective mix of theory and practice. Graduates enjoy excellent employment prospects, both on the Dutch and global labour markets, as well as a range of options for subsequent study in the Netherlands and abroad.

International Art & Design Studies

The bilingual International Art & Design Studies programme trains and prepares media professionals to develop and manage media productions in which originality of style, distinctiveness and innovation of design take centre stage. The forms of expression this can take include animation, cartoons, visual arts, scenic design in the broadest sense of the word, VJ productions and illustration work.

International Aviation Services

This programme was developed in close cooperation with the civil aviation sector. Representatives of the business community are involved in the intake of new students, the course curriculum and assessments/examinations, ensuring the programme meets the requirements and preferences of the firms where graduates will eventually find employment. Graduates from this programme offer airlines a great degree of flexibility in deploying them in their operations as, for instance, flight attendants, airport passenger service agents and supervisors/managers. They will benefit from solid employment prospects not only in the civil aviation sector, but also in the hospitality and tourism sectors. As part of this programme, students must spend at least a half year abroad on work placement.

International Business Studies

With students who share an interest in the trade and economic opportunities of both commercial and non-profit organisations, this bilingual programme looks beyond doing business in the Netherlands alone, addressing threats and opportunities at international level as well.

International Hospitality Studies

Preparing students for a career in the hospitality sector, this programme addresses topics relevant to management professionals in human resource management, sales & marketing, events, conferences & banqueting, administration and front office. While completing this programme, students have the opportunity to establish their own hospitality business. Students of this programme must have an eye for detail and be hospitable, enterprising and service oriented. More importantly, they must not be daunted by opportunities to employ their knowledge and skills in an exciting international context.

As part of the unique collaborative partnership between Deltion and Hilton Hotels Corporation, a select group of talented and ambitious second-year International Hospitality Students is chosen each academic year for the Hilton Class. These students will complete all work placements during the second, third and fourth year of the programme, whether in the Netherlands or abroad, within this renowned hotel chain’s organisation. The teaching programme was developed in conjunction with Hilton Hotels. Students not only gain valuable experience, they also gain that additional edge to make the most of their options on the labour market.

International ICT Studies

ICT is an international discipline, with employment prospects that are likewise global in perspective. This programme focuses on training IT Practitioners (Software Development), which are primarily involved in the development, design and implementation of software or IT media products. Software developers are also involved in the implementation of software.

International Tourism Studies

This bilingual programme trains and prepares students for the highly dynamic world of travel and tourism. Graduates are prepared to play a coordinating role, perhaps as a department manager, in a wide range of organisational processes in the international travel sector. Serving in such a supervisory role, they represent the link between the department or branch workers and management.

One programme, two qualificationsIn addition to receiving the sector’s standard level‑4 senior secondary vocational education (MBO) diploma, graduates are also awarded a globally recognised, sector-specific BTEC Extended International Diploma.


Offered by the UK organisation EDEXCEL, BTECs outline an approach to training and education that can result in a globally recognised qualification. As an Approved Centre in Europe for BTEC education, Deltion College meets the rigorous standards imposed by EDEXCEL on institutions that intend to offer this teaching and study programme.

The requirements for the BTEC Diploma consist of various theme-based components, including Accounting, Marketing and Management, all of which focus on putting knowledge and experience to practice in the graduates’ future professions. Holders of the BTEC Extended Diploma have the option of completing fast‑track programmes in both the Netherlands at higher professional education (HBO) level and abroad.